Helpful Hints

1) Raw Hide Chews: That I recommend are called Waggin Train brand Meat Blast pork hide twist with a liver center. This can be purchased at Wal-Mart in the pet section.

2)Water: I learned that chlorine in our water systems causes the body to become very acidic. Chlorine is a poison so my philosophy is to let chlorine do it’s job but take it out at the point of use. Filtered water will help prevent dog urine to leave burn spots on your lawn and if they should have an accident on your carpet, it won’t discolor the carpet.

3) Worming Medicine: The worm medicine I think is best is (Interceptor) because one pill a month at bed time takes care of heart worm and all other internal parasites at the same time. One pill does it all! 6 month supply is available from your veterinarian.

4) EAR PROBLEMS: It is very important to keep the hair out of the ear canal. When moisture gets in the ear canal and there is a lot of hair, bacteria builds up and ear infections can develop such as yeast and other kinds. The product that I have had the best success with is called WONDER EAR. It is a powder that you shake down into the ear canal that helps dry up the moisture and retard the bacteria that may grow there. This is a wonderful product.

5) Teeth: Brushing your dog’s teeth each time you bathe them is a good thing. Use a good stiff tooth brush, with just a tiny bit of Colgate tooth paste with peroxide. It will save money in teeth cleaning bills in the future. Use a softer brush for puppies and young dogs.

6) Diarrhea: when puppies get Diarrhea a little dose of Colidial Silver two to three times a day will clear up most all Diarrhea problems with in 24 hours. Do not store the Colidial Silver near anything electric as it will destroy the charge of the Silver. Store in a cool dark place.